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These are generic activities offered by the camp. Due to the size and schedule of the camp only certain activities will be planned.


Determination and courage are rewarded with an overwhelming sense of achievement for the student who manages to walk backwards over the edge of a climbing tower, under the full supervision of a PGL instructor. In addition to learning a new skill, abseiling enables students to understand risks and how to control them.


A cross between trampolining, basketball and volleyball - it’s an exhilarating, high-energy sport. Four players learn the basics required - then spring into action! The aim is to get the ball in the opposing player’s net. As well as being lots of fun, your students will develop team tactics and improve communication skills along the way.


Our qualified archery instructors teach basic archery skills - students will need accuracy, control and a steady hand. The instructors encourage students to develop their technique and show awareness of all safety measures.

Ball Sports

Traditional games including cricket, basketball, five-a-side soccer and volleyball can be played to develop skills, learning and the use of tactics in a small team environment.

Bush Walk

Make the most of the local surroundings by taking a short hike in our bushland environment. Spend some quality time getting to know one another as you walk through 180 acres of open bushland, home to a diverse variety of plant and animal species. It’s a great way to bring the team together and spend some time reflecting on your camp experience.


Learn how to build a shelter in an on-site 'wilderness' environment and operate as a team. Basic survival skills such as building a shelter, water filtration, knot craft and signalling are developed by the group during the design of their camp layout. Key responsibilities are identified and shared by the team who work together to get the most from the 'wilderness' experience.


Experience one of our most popular activities and take to the water in a canoe. Challenging and fun, students learn and develop paddling techniques, teamwork and communication skills using a combination of games and instruction both on land and afloat.


Students belay and encourage each other as they negotiate their way up a series of suspended obstacles.

Challenge Course

A well-loved and popular activity with plenty of opportunities for everyone to get involved; it can even get quite competitive sometimes! As your students negotiate the various obstacles that lie ahead, it’s an experience that will promote teamwork, lateral thinking, problem solving and decision-making – as well as being physically challenging too. 


Qualified instructors teach students how to recognise and control risks before learning the basic skills and techniques of climbing with a top-rope belay.

Flying Fox

Travelling at high speed suspended and harnessed from an overhead cable isn't something forgotten easily! Determination, courage and exceeding limitations are qualities often observed.

Giant Swing

The ultimate test of nerve and joint decision-making! Members of the group haul the Giant Swing 10 metres into the air with two people in the harness. When both participants agree, they pull the ripcord and swing towards the ground at high speed. The question is...how high will you go?

Initiative Exercises

Kids participate individually and as part of a team to complete a number of mental challenges, some of which may also require some physical ability to complete. Planning, making decisions and communicating with each other are all skills required in order to accomplish a set task.

Laser Tag

One of our newest and most popular activities. Challenging and fun, students use teamwork and communication skills to lead their team to victory. A exciting way for kids to experience laser tag in our beautiful bushland environment.

Leap of Faith

This individual challenge requires determination and courage to climb a six-metre pole. Each student can succeed within their own parameters - even if they don't make the final dive for the trapeze.

Low Ropes Course

Less than a metre off the ground, this activity promotes teamwork and communication. Students negotiate a series of obstacles and challenges which are not as easy or as straightforward as they appear!


Students are introduced to practical map reading by working in small groups on a number of courses. They develop map reading skills by locating control points within the boundary of the centre. Decision-making, symbol recognition and judgment of distance travelled are all required.

Possum Glider

The team on the ground pull on a rope, raising the participant almost 15 metres off the ground and up into the tree canopy. This activity is designed to put the participant outside their comfort zone as they swing around freely. It also encourages communication and teamwork among the rest of the team.

Raft Building

Build it well or you are likely to get wet! Promoting teamwork, planning and communication skills, students work together to build a raft from different components that will float and which they can steer.

Sensory Trail

In this fun and exciting challenge, participants work together to complete the trail and the specific games designed to help them understand the importance of each of the 5 senses, gaining empathy for people who operate without one.

Team Challenge

A variety of fun adventure activities with physical challenges which require cooperation and participation from everybody in order to complete.